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More than your website

You’re on social media now. Are you using it to help your business? If not, you are missing out on reaching prospects and clients. Let us show you how social media can help you add customers.

Digital Janus will work with you to get your message out on social media platforms. We can keep your content fresh on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. And, we can manage advertising, promotions and more.

Keep content fresh

Let’s start by adding new content. This alone can improve your web presence. And social media management is a great place to get started.

Social media management

Social media management approach

Current content, information access, and rich advertising are important parts of social media management.

Our professional copy writers can help with your organic posts, making sure they’re relevant to your business and SEO friendly.

Social media also provides new and additional ways to let customers and prospects find you. We make sure your contact information stays current across platforms, and can help respond to messages, questions and reviews.

Advertising on social media

Marketing opportunities are nearly limitless on social media, and they are growing. Find customers in your area, run promotions, advertise sales and special events. It’s likely your competitors are using social media. Are you?