Digital marketing process

Customized marketing plans for tangible results

Structured planning

Our digital marketing process is designed to provide a framework around which we customize and service your online presence. It should be structured but flexible, changing and progressing over time to give you the highest possible return on your digital marketing investment.

Understanding your digital strategy

1. Define purpose and scope

What are your objectives and goals?

Let's define your target audience

What is a comfortable budget, and what can you expect for it?

Tell us about digital marketing challenges you've had

We'll clearly describe what we will provide

Optimize your website

2. Examine and optimize your website

Think of your website as the hub of your online marketing strategy. Everythings starts, and leads back to, there.

Evaluate user experience

Initial SEO analysis

Does your website reflect your business personality?

Is your website mobile-responsive

Are updates easy to publish?

Drive website traffic

3. Drive more traffic, and leads

We'll explore and discuss with you comprehensive options, including:

Content marketing / blogs and articles

Refining and improving SEO over time

Social Media Marketing

Search and display advertising

Website integration

Convert leads into customers

4. Convert leads to customers

Define clear conversion objectives

Develop intuitive landing pages with clear calls to action

Proactice A/B testing

Present user-friendly forms

Convert leads into customers

5.. Analyze, report, refine

Analytics and traffic statistis reporting

Advertising costs and conversion rates

Emails to existing clients and prospects

Organic content effectiveness

Social media growth, engagement and reach

Recommended next steps based on analysis