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Leverage the value of a Fractional CMO.

Does your business need a marketing department it can’t afford? Hiring a short-term fractional CMO is an alternative you should consider. More than a consultant, a good fractional CMO will assume the role of Chief Marketing Officer for, you guessed it, a fraction of the cost. This means you can bring in an experienced executive capable of both reimagining your marketing strategy and implementing it for you.

Finding the right factional CMO isn’t easy, but the right one should be prepared to:
  • Analyze your existing marketing strategy quickly and succinctly
  • Bring industry trends and insight to your marketing efforts
  • Evaluate your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Recruit, build, and onboard a fully engaged, highly capable team
  • Champion a culture of leadership and accountability
  • Deliver and execute a robust strategic marketing plan
  • Evaluate KPIs and reporting metrics to help you understand your return on investment

You may choose to engage your fractional CMO on an hourly basis or at a predetermined fee for service, and you should discuss the scope and length of your project in detail. What a fractional CMO should not bring you are surprises. Completing a thorough examination of your assets and needed resources at the beginning of work is critical to success.

Digital marketing services, planning, and analysis

You have a vision for your business. In fact, it’s likely you had a vision long before you started and it was, and is, strategic in nature. Your marketing plan should be no different. It is, after all, a primary vehicle to help you meet your business goals.

Whether your concern is a specific upcoming campaign or an umbrella marketing strategy, it’s important to ask yourself where you want to be in three months. In six months? How about a year from now? 

A well-crafted strategic marketing services plan can take the guesswork out of those questions by giving you quantifiable goals with measurable results. It is, of course, all too easy to get stuck in the tactical issues that seem to need immediate attention, but allowing that to happen likely will mean that in a few months you’ll be no better off than you are today. Setting strategic goals for your business gives you a clearly defined path forward.

Local digital marketing includes SEO

Search Engine Optimization

One of the keys to a successful online presence is also one of the most difficult. Your content - the words you use to tell your story - is a big part of what can set you apart from your competitors. It’s one of the reasons you will, or will not, appear in search results. 

Great SEO takes time and continuous effort. Your customers may rely on you to get information about industry trends, what’s new in your shop, and to decide if they want to do business with you. 

Content and sales copywriting

A big part of good content is in the writing itself. Your story needs to be written with specific keywords in mind, and it needs to be  engaging. Whether it’s an informative blog article or a landing page that converts potential customers into buyers, how you say what you say is critical to your success.

When writing your content, it’s important to ask:

  • What is my goal?
  • What does my audience want?
  • How can I provide a solution?
  • Can I say this better?
Content and sales copywriting
Email copywriting your local digital marketing

Email copywriting

Your email list should be the most valuable business assets you have. When you have a potential customer’s email address you can speak to that person directly and customize content based on preferences. And, you can present new offers, coupons, and sales to people who are used to hearing from you. Need more incentive to incorporate a great email marketing strategy? Track people on your website, and use that information to understand what is valuable to them, what you can present better, and what’s working well.

Social Media Management

Your social media presence should work in harmony with your website and your marketing campaigns. While it’s more difficult than ever to reach people organically on social media, doing so can be a significant boost to your business. Your posts should be frequent, relevant, and meaningful. Better still, you should have clear, measurable goals (Key Performance Indicators) around them including engagement, click rates, and more.

Social media management for small businesses

Paid local digital marketing services

In contrast to organic SEO, paid search and display advertising can be a great way to reach potential customers immediately. Converting those people into customers is harder. 

These are some of the keys to a successful digital marketing campaign in social media marketing, search marketing, and retargeting campaigns.

  • Well-defined budget
  • KPIs and benchmarks
  • Highly targeted audiences
  • Keyword research
  • A visualized customer journey funnel
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Landing pages

Remember the social media management and paid advertising we mentioned above? Landing pages are where people go when they click on your ad or post. A high-converting landing page is a critical part of your digital marketing services package. This is the place where you present your products and services in a way that helps the visitor decide to become a customer.

eCommerce can work for your local business.

If you see ads that say things like, “Get your online store up and running in minutes” you should ask yourself, “Then what?” The obvious answer is you must engage in activities that drive traffic to your online storefront: digital marketing. Do you have a plan for that?

Then ask this question: What if someone puts my product in the shopping cart, but doesn’t finish the checkout process? Would you even know about it? Would you be able to follow-up with timely emails? It may be true you can have your store up in minutes, but there’s no guarantee people will come.

Create a memorable user experience.

How you present your small business online is key to  building repeat visitors and customers

Web design

Even if you have a simple brochure-type website, you should make an ongoing effort to optimize it and provide value to your audience. And, it’s a great place to start the customer journey. Give them something of value and they will be more likely to give you an email address in return. 

Your site should provide an enjoyable, easy user experience that presents a natural flow to the visitor.

Graphic design

How your website, your ads, landing pages and digital marketing materials look is important. Great design is part of the user experience, and your art, images, and photos play a role in whether people stay on your website for any meaningful length of time. Before we do much else, we need to select a pallet that includes colors, fonts, logos, and icons.

Logo design

Your logo is one of the most important assets your small business has. It has the power to bring in potential customers by recognition alone. Does your local target audience recognize your logo? If not, let’s work on that.

And, don’t be afraid to update your logo periodically. It should stay fresh and current, just like your business.

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