Local digital marketing strategy

You're on your way to better marketing.

The Full Strategic Marketing Plan is a great choice. You will receive a complete, polished document that will guide you through each step of your upcoming campaign. 

Your plan is custom-built for you and your business. It will be based on the goals we set and your definition of success.

Your Full Strategic Marketing Plan will:

  • Define your goals and scope of your campaign
  • Identify your audience 
  • Determine plan duration
  • Contain budget recommendations
  • Include keyword and competition research
  • Set KPIs 
  • Craft your message
  • Include fully build funnels 
  • Present a schedule

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Your Guarantee

If you are not satisfied we do not want your money. When you buy a Full Strategic Marketing Plan you will receive a complete and finished strategy document with steps you can follow to execute a marketing campaign based on previously determined goals. If you do not approve of the plan you can request a full refund of money paid within 14 days. By accepting a full or partial refund you agree that the plan provided is proprietary and no longer available for your use.