Local digital marketing strategy

A full strategic marketing plan, fully executed.

Ordering the Full Strategic Marketing Plan Plus mean you can relax. Not only will you receive a complete, polished document that will lay out all aspects of your upcoming campaign, you'll also watch us put it into action from start to finish.

Relax, we've got this.

That's not to say it won't be yours. Ultimately your Full Strategic Marketing Plan Plus will be a product built to your specifications, custom-built for you and your business. It will be based on the goals we set and your definition of success. Your input will be critical each step of the way.

Your Full Strategic Marketing Plan Plus will:

  • Define your goals and scope of your campaign
  • Identify your audience 
  • Determine plan duration
  • Contain budget allocations
  • Include keyword and competition research
  • Set KPIs 
  • Craft your message
  • Include fully build funnels 
  • Present a schedule
  • Provide creatives
  • Build landing pages
  • Create segments
  • Set up conversion events
  • Include full plan execution
  • Present KPI and analytics reporting

Get your Full Strategic Marketing Plan Plus now for just $4,499

Your Guarantee

If you are not satisfied we do not want your money. When you buy a Full Strategic Marketing Plan you will receive a complete and finished strategy document with steps you can follow to execute a marketing campaign based on previously determined goals. If you do not approve of the plan you can request a full refund of money paid within 14 days. By accepting a full or partial refund you agree that the plan provided is proprietary and no longer available for your use.