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About Digital Janus

Digital Janus was founded in 2015 to provide digital marketing, branding, and website design for businesses interested in competing with both big box and big online retailers. Since launch the company has been flexible, changing with a shifting digital landscape. Our vision is not to keep up, but to be ahead.

We are located in Lake Wylie, SC U.S.A.


To provide thought leadership and marketing solutions to businesses in a professional and affordable manner which  deliver tangible return on client investment.

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About Robert


Robert’s career started in 2001 when he founded his first company. Since then he has come to understand he’s most happy in the small business sector, particularly when he can play a small role in helping startup businesses grow and prosper. He has a wonderful family, a good dog, a Southern accent, and a BS in business with a marketing concentration. He has experience at the executive level and with being "down in the weeds."

Professionally Robert’s strength is in the fact he has long straddled the fence between marketing and technology - he was a hybrid before there was such a thing. Because of this experience he understands how the two have, in many ways, merged, and how businesses must consider multiple channels when determining a best path forward. 

He has come to believe that without a comprehensive, customized strategic digital marketing plan it is far too easy to tread water. Building and executing such plans is what he does.

We want to get to know you.

It’s important to us to learn about your company, and about you. The more Digital Janus understands about what you do, the better job we can help do to help you stand out from the competition. 

We love to ask questions. What does your company make? What services do you provide? How well do you know your customers? Most of all, what makes you different? The more we listen, the better we can deliver meaningful return on investment.

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